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Willie Nelson and sons charm at Global Green USA pre-oscar party

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

liz kelly2
photo:  Liz Kelly

Willie Nelson attended Global Green USA’s 10th Annual Pre-Oscar Party at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA on Feb 20, 2013.
Photo:  Liz Kelly

Stars rallied at Global Green USA’s 10th Annual Pre-Oscar® Party last night in Hollywood at the Avalon where Willie Nelson charmed everyone. To take you there, we captured green carpet interviews and photos of Willie Nelson, Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”), Best Actress Nominee Helen Hunt (“The Sessions”), Luke Perry (“90210”), D.W. Moffett (“Switched at Birth”), Ed Begley Jr. (“Easy to Assemble”) and his wife Rachel Carson (“Boston Legal”), Peter Mensah (“True Blood”), and more. This eco-event included a VIP cocktail reception, Patron dinner and musical performances by Willie Nelson and his sons, Micah and Lukas.

photo:  Liz Kelly

As a true legend and gentleman, Willie Nelson shook every reporter’s hand on the green carpet. His support for green goes way back, and he was the guest of honor in many ways. When asked about his green initiatives, he shared, “We’ve been doing Farm Aid now for 28 years so we try to take care of the farmer because he is our most important guy out there. He grows mine and your food so we should take care of him.” On a community level, Willie added, “We try to buy local, sustainable things and encourage others to do that.”

When asked about what brought him to the event, Willie shared, “Me and the guys love playing music anywhere, but this is a great cause and it’s a benefit for a lot of good people so we’re glad to be here.” And the crowds cheered when he took the stage with Micah and Lukas in the band called “Willie Nelson and Family.” When reflecting on the power of music, Willie shared these thoughts on the green carpet, “Music is healthy. Playing music, listening to music is healthy. People come to hear music so they can clap their hands and sing. I think singing is healthy.”

photo:  Liz Kelly