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Johnny Depp, on guitar, with Willie Nelson

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

by: Megan Johnson

Johnny Depp has a lot of friends. So when Willie Nelson & Family came to town on Tuesday for a concert with Alison Krauss, Depp made sure to spend some time with his country legend pal – onstage.

Clad in jeans, a black T-shirt and glasses, the low-key star played electric guitar alongside Nelson throughout the entire set at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion by the Boston waterfront.

Nelson didn’t announce that a movie star was on his stage – when introducing his band, the 81-year-old kept it on a first-name basis.

“He just said something like, ‘And that’s Johnny over there playin’ the guitar,’ ” said concertgoer Kristen Panderson, of Boston, who pointed out that Depp “even played a solo in one of the songs.”

Earlier that day, Depp, 51, and costar Juno Temple filmed scenes on the South Boston set of Black Mass, in which he plays notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.

Depp also got a visit over the weekend from fiancée Amber Heard, who was spotted hanging out behind the scenes during filming and making herself a sandwich.

Willie Nelson and Johnny Depp, together again, in Boston

Saturday, June 21st, 2014
by:  Zayda Rivera

Johnny Depp is a rocker at heart.

So when the 51-year-old actor had a moment to jam onstage with his pal Willie Nelson during the country star’s Boston show Tuesday, Depp didn’t hesitate.

In true Depp fashion, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star snuck onstage quietly and began strumming his guitar.

“(Nelson) just said something like, ‘And that’s Johnny over there playin’ the guitar,'” concertgoer Kristen Panderson told People that the 81-year-old country crooner said, adding that Depp “even played a solo in one of the songs.”

Fans were excited to see the award-winning actor join Nelson & Family along with Alison Krauss at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion performance.

“When #JohnnyDepp joined #WillieNelson onstage at BH Pavilion we figured one tune,” @GlobeRodman tweeted along with a photo of Depp onstage. “He’s played whole set.”

“From last night, some good looking fellas,” Nelson wrote on Instagram along with a photo including the actor and a couple of bandmates.

Depp is currently in Boston filming “Black Mass” costarring Juno Temple, in which he plays real life gangster Whitey Bulger.

His fiancée, Amber Heard, 28, also reportedly paid a visit to the Massachusetts capital recently to hang out on her man’s movie set.

“She’s a wonderful girl,” Depp said in a previous interview with the “Today” show. “She’s sharp as a tack, a wonderful southern belle and sweet as can be and very good for me.”


Johnny Depp joins Willie Nelson on stage in Austin

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

photo and storyby:  Suzanne Cordeiro

Living legend Willie Nelson hit the Main Stage of Rodeo Austin on Sunday, March 9 and mega star Johnny Depp joined him on stage to perform his entire set.   Johnny is not only an incredible actor and film producer, but also an accomplished musician.  Johnny Depp has been playing guitar since he was a child and it is not uncommon to find him performing with a variety of notable musicians.  For an Austin, Texas gig during SXSW however, playing lead guitar alongside Willie Nelson might just be the coolest gig ever.

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Johnny Depp joins Willie Nelson & Family on stage at Austin Rodeo (3/9/14)

Monday, March 10th, 2014